Fly Line


Would you like to unwind and enjoy the moment? Then it’s time for a ride with our Fly Line. Enjoy a 2,5 minute flight over 350 meters in distance in breathtaking alpine scenery. The starting and ending point is just below the Pfingstegg gondola mountain station. Thanks to a specially developed lift system, this is the only Fly Line worldwide where you are being brought back to the starting point without having to walk, so you can just enjoy the experience.

Our Fly Line is built of a stainless steel pipe system which is attached to the trees in the forest below Pfingstegg gondola. During the flight you sit comfortably in a seat made of belts, which is attached to reels. They let you slide at 8 – 12 km/h over the pipe system. At the end of your flight you will be comfortably brought back up to the starting point with our lift. A good reason to enjoy this experience over and over…

Opening hours

  from to
2. may - 12. june 10:30 17:00
13. june - 6. sept 09:30 17:30
7. oct - 25. oct 10:30 17:00


Single trips Fly Line  
Adults 12.-
Children 4 - 15 years 8.-

Terms and Conditions

  • The use of the Fly Line is at your own risk.
  • People which are under the influence of alcohol or drugs won’t be allowed on the Fly Line.
  • Our staff holds the right to deny transportation to anyone based on their own judgement.
  • In case of critical weather conditions such as rain, storm, snow or other natural forces our Fly Line might be closed immediately due to safety reasons. In that event no refund claims can be accepted.
  • During the course of your flight and the lift ride up to the starting point it is strictly prohibited to swing, hold tight to trees or any construction elements of the Fly Line or lift, to break or to touch the transportation cable.
  • Any personal items that are brought with while using the Fly Line and transportation lift is at your own risk (e.g. mobile phones, cameras, etc.). In case of loss or damage no claims can be accepted. In case of lost items our staff is not responsible for the search or recovery of such items.
  • Above listed terms and conditions are automatically accepted by purchasing a ticket.
  • Also the general terms and conditions of Luftseilbahn Grindelwald-Pfingstegg AG are accepted by purchasing a ticket.